trex dealersTrex decking is alternative decking, railing, fencing, and trim products made of a unique combination of wood and plastics. Using the best qualities of wood and plastic garnered from reclaimed or recycled sources, Trex composite decking is definitely an excellent alternative to wood. The plastic in the product shields the wood material from moisture and other types of damage like insects, further preventing rotting and splintering and the wood materials give the Trex decking its natural, attractive look. Also, Trex decking materials contain no toxic chemicals or preservatives and will resist damages from moisture and sunlight.

Trex decking, railing and fencing materials only require periodic cleaning and there is no need to ever sand, stain, or paint over the Trex decking. At Heritage Lumber, our Trex decking clients prefer these Trex building materials, as Trex decking material is smoother than wood and almost soft to the touch. Trex decking materials come in a range of colors and finishes, and can even bend to create curves and other types of building patterns that are not possible with wood materials.

The cost of Trex decking is quite low and because Trex is made of only recycled materials, their products contain no harmful chemicals typically found in some pressure-treated wood products. Let us show you our Trex decking materials and help you design your next outdoor home project. At Heritage Lumber we have a great deal of knowledge on the home building and construction industry and can help you save money and buy quality materials.